470 Evo DC

470 Evo DCneue

Versatile and practical


Gesamtlänge 4.65 m
Träger 1.96 m
Personen Kapazität 4+1
Motor 40 - 70 hp

470 Evo DC

01 /Modellbeschreibung

Like all the boats in the Evo range, Finval 470 Evo DC has consoles placed close to the bow. It allows for maximum comfort in the main cockpit.
The 470 Evo DC is a versatile soldier for medium-sized waters. It will take you to the most remote corners of a river or lake, even through shallow water, that are not accessible to many other boats. The 470 Evo DC is very stable for its size and easy start to planning when fully loaded. Sufficiently deep down cockpit for the captain and passengers seating, good wind protection, give a feeling of comfort while steer a boat.
This boat is fully prepared for comfortable fishing. It is great for casting, trolling or pelagic fishing.

03 /Spezifikationen

Gesamtlänge 4.65 m
Strahl 1.96 m
Transom-höhe 508 mm (L)
Ungefährer entwurf 190 mm
Totpunkt am heckspiegel 
Gewicht (nur boot) 440 kg
Maximale gewichtskapazität 600 kg

*optional features

Motor 40 - 70 hp
Hüllenmaterial AlMg 4,5 Mn (5083)
Aluminiumdicke 2-3 mm
Maximale personenzahl 4+1
Kraftstofftank 55 l
Livewell 90 l*
Rutenfach (menge / länge) 4/2.5 m

*optional features

04 /Bootskonfiguration

Boat layout


Foldable back seat

Storage compartment under the back seat

Livewell 90 l (optional, instead storage compartment)


Storage in the bow deck

05 /Ausrüstung

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