510 Rangy BSC

510 Rangy BSCneue

Geräumige Bugplattform, geringer Tiefgang und Wendigkeit


Gesamtlänge 5.10 m
Träger 1.9 m
Personen Kapazität 3
Motor 60 - 70 hp

510 Rangy BSC

01 /Modellbeschreibung

Finval Rangy 510 BSC is designed for experienced fishermen. This is a five-meters boat have a place for ten spinning rods, up to 2.7 meters long, which are securely fixed.
The layout, typical of bass boats, includes a sporty aft placement of the livewell and a large bow deck. The convertible seat built in the aft deck allows you to move freely around the cockpit. But it should be noted that the boat has a sufficient number of storage boxes and open alcoves. Which are exactly where they are needed. Finval Rangy 510 BSC is a great boat on which you want to go out on the water more often.

03 /Spezifikationen

Gesamtlänge 5.10 m
Strahl 1.9 m
Transom-höhe 508 mm (L)
Ungefährer entwurf 150 mm
Totpunkt am heckspiegel 
Gewicht (nur boot) 495 kg
Maximale gewichtskapazität 750 kg
Motor 60 - 70 hp
Hüllenmaterial AlMg 4,5 Mn (5083)
Aluminiumdicke 3 mm
Maximale personenzahl 3
Kraftstofftank 65 l
Livewell 71 l
Rutenfach (menge / länge) 4/2.3m; 4/2.6m; 2/2.7m

04 /Bootskonfiguration



Livewel 71 l

Storages for batteries


Folding passenger seat

Shelves and niches

05 /Ausrüstung

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