510 Rangy Tiller

Finval 510 Rangy Tiller

Maximum free space. Shallow draft and maneuverability.

Main Specifications

Overall Length 5.10 m
Beam 1.9 m
Persons Capacity 4
Engine 40 - 70 hp

510 Rangy Tiller

01 /Model Description

Finval 510 Rangy is a conventional fishing boat with tiller steering. Its outstanding features include small draft, stability and maximum free space. 510 Rangy is a perfect choice for those who love trolling. Its small draft and good maneuvering ability not only allow to have a good control over the bait but also reach the remotest and most hardly accessible parts of your favorite reservoir. Well-conceived and roomy “dry” lockers have enough space to keep the necessary things and favorite tackle while a built-in livewell will allow you keep fish alive till you finish fishing. 510 Rangy will make you feel confident and safe even on big rivers and lakes.

03 /Specifications

Overall Length 5.10 m
Beam 1.9 m
Transom Height 508 mm (L)
Approximate Draft 150 mm
Deadrise at Transom 
Weight (boat only) 370 kg
Maximum Weight Capacity 750 kg

* - additional option

Engine 40 - 70 hp
Hull Material AlMg 4,5 Mn (5083)
Aluminium Thickness 3 mm
Maximum Persons Capacity 4
Fuel Tank 43 L*
Livewell 63 L
Rod Storage (quantity / length) 4 / up to 3 m

* - additional option

04 /Boat configuration

Locker functionality


Storage compartments

Storage compartment for starting battery*

Rod storage compartmen

Glove boxes

Storage compartment

Compartment for fuel tank*

Additional storage compartment*

05 /Equipment

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