515 Evo DC

515 Evo DCnew

Wide, thoughtful and fast

Main Specifications

Overall Length 5.1 m
Beam 2.12 m
Persons Capacity 4
Engine 70 - 115 hp

515 Evo DC

01 /Model Description

Wide, thoughtful, and fast.
The dimensions of the aft deck and cockpit of the Finval 515 Evo are not only capable of providing excellent comfort for a big company. 515 Evo has very effective hull contours. The dimensions do not prevent this boat from showing exceptional performance both in cruising mode and at high speed. The 515 Evo’s small draft hull will easily take you to big fish, navigating shallow water areas that many other boats cannot.
The Finval 515 Evo has everything you need right where it should be. This spacious boat is perfect for casting or trolling fishing, even pelagic fishing, or water recreation.

03 /Specifications

Overall Length 5.1 m
Overall Length with Engine 5,26 m
Beam 2.12 m
Transom Height 508 mm (L)
Approximate Draft 330 mm
Deadrise at Transom 14°
Weight (boat only) 523 kg
Maximum Weight Capacity 600 kg
Maximum transom load 177 kg
Engine 70 - 115 hp
Hull Material AlMg 4,5 Mn (5083)
Aluminium Thickness 3 mm
Maximum Persons Capacity 4
Fuel Tank 55 l
Livewell 90 l
Rod Storage (quantity / length) 4/up to 2.9 m
Length bilge 4.52 m

04 /Boat layout

Boat layout

Storage compartments

Foldable back seat

Storage compartment under the back seat

Livewell 90 l

Rod storages

05 /Equipment

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