575 Casting Pro

575 Casting Pronew

A versatile boat for tournaments and recreation

Main Specifications

Overall Length 5.75 m
Beam 2.35 m
Persons Capacity 5+1
Engine 115 -150 hp

575 Casting Pro

01 /Model Description

The Finval 575 CastingPro has exceptional shapes, possibly the most efficient of any production aluminium boats. The CastingPro is a tournament, professional fishing boat. It is stable and extremely durable to help you compete in the tough conditions of large waters. CastingPro is a boat for the family, a boat for water sports. The boat is designed to be lived in, celebrating life’s greatest events.
When you build your own Finval 575 CastingPro, you control its layout, resulting in a boat that respects your needs.

03 /Specifications

Overall Length 5.75 m
Overall Length with Engine 6.00 m
Beam 2.35 m
Transom Height 635 мм (X)
Approximate Draft 350 mm
Deadrise at Transom 16°
Weight (boat only) 630 kg
Maximum Weight Capacity 1000 kg
Maximum transom load 265 kg
Engine 115 -150 hp
Hull Material AlMg 4,5 Mn (5083)
Aluminium Thickness 3 mm
Maximum Persons Capacity 5+1
Fuel Tank 115 l
Livewell 95 l
Rod Storage (quantity / length) 13/up to 2.7 m
Length bilge 5.25 m

04 /Boat layout

Boat layout

Storage compartments

Storage compartments under consoles

Foldable back seat

Rod storage and niche for rods

Livewell 95 l under foldable seat

Storage compartment for the starter battery under the seat

Storage for traction batteries under the rod locker

05 /Equipment

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