685 FishPro

685 FishPro

Unforgettable speed and comfort experience. Confidence under any circumstances.

Main Specifications

Overall Length 6.83 m
Beam 2.32 m
Persons Capacity 6
Engine 250 - 350 hp

685 FishPro

01 /Model Description

Finval 685 FishPro is a high-speed and seaworthy boat with a roomy cockpit and spacious decks. If you are a fishing guide or the one who prefers a family recreation on the water, this boat is worthy of your attention.
The spacious bow deck has two large storage compartments with a total capacity of 240 liters and a locker for 2.7 and 2.8 m rods. All lockers are equipped with gas springs.
Consoles are made of high quality rotary plastic and decorated with anodized aluminum plates. Electric equipment control panels are specially designed for this boat. Taylor Made tempered glass protects against wind and allows for installing windshield wipers.
The spacious cockpit allows for installing an additional row of seats. Optionally, marine grade artificial leather finishing of the inner sides of the boat can be ordered.
The front seats are equipped with premium class Shockwave S5 suspension modules. They significantly reduce the stress on the spine while riding the waves at high speed.
Finval 685 FishPro can be equipped with heated front seats and an autonomous heater to feel comfortable in the cold season. A well-thought-out warm air feed system prevents the windows from fogging up while driving under the full canvas enclosure.
To preserve the environment and keep the boat clean, we have provided a special compartment with a removable waste basket in the cockpit.
Between the folding seats in the aft deck there is a 130 liter livewell with oxygenator and LED lighting.
A distinctive feature of the Finval 685 FishPro is the original design of the aft deck. The transom extension platforms are arranged in the form of steps, increasing the area of the aft deck and enhancing the stability of the boat. Taking fish out is more comfortable when standing on these steps.
A transom extension platform on the port side contains a telescopic swimming ladder. When folded, it completely hides inside the transom extension platform, but it can be expanded in a couple of seconds.
Finval 685 FishPro can reach the speed of over 100 km/h, has a strong hull, excellent maneuverability and is up for the challenge in any weather.

03 /Specifications

Overall Length 6.83 m
Beam 2.32 m
Transom Height 635 mm (XL)
Approximate Draft 400 mm
Deadrise at Transom 18°
Weight (boat only) 1050 kg
Maximum Weight Capacity 1220 kg
Engine 250 - 350 hp
Hull Material AlMg 4,5 Mn (5083)
Aluminium Thickness (bottom/transom/boards) 4 / 4 / 3 mm
Maximum Persons Capacity 6
Fuel Tank 225 l
Livewell 135 l
Rod Storage (quantity / length) 6 / 2.8 m; 4 / 2.7 m

04 /Boat configuration

Functionality of lockers of Finval 685 FishPro

Lockable storage compartments

Rod storage compartment

Fishing gear storage compartments

Storage compartment for a full canvas enclosure under consoles

Compartment with a recycle bin

Locker for electric motor traction batteries

Board shelf with built-in niche

Folding seats


Optional seats

05 /Equipment

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