685 Sport Angler

685 Sport Angler

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Main Specifications

Overall Length 6.83 m
Beam 2.32 m
Persons Capacity 3
Engine 250 - 300 hp

685 Sport Angler

01 /Model Description

Finval 685 Sport Angler has unique features.

Quick start and excellent maneuverability at speeds up to 110 km/h. The hull strength durability is designed for extreme overloads experienced by the boat when hitting the waves. The stress on the back during waves impacts will be reduced by the premium class shock-absorption system Shockwave S5, which is included in the standard features of the boat.

The 685 Sport Angler has everything you need for comfortable fishing. The bow deck lockers can accommodate 12 rods: 4 up to 2.8 meters , and 8 up to 2.8 meters long. The central locker 194 l volume can be used both for storing things and for tackle boxes simultaneously. For this purpose, special removable partitions are provided, which divide the locker into sections.

Full tempered glass windshield by Taylor Made provides excellent wind protection and allows to install wipers. A captain’s console is allowed for the installation of two 12” screen echo sounders. For the most demanding anglers, two additional 12” devices can be installed on the passenger’s console.

Finval 685 Sport Angler has two plastic livewells with the capacity of 110 and 130 liters. Each of them is equipped with an oxygenator that will keep the fish alive even in hot summer.

This model’s distinctive feature is an original design of the stern. It has a swim platform that extends beyond the boat’s transom measure. This increases floatation and stability, allows access to the engine, propeller without leaving the boat, and easily takes the fish out of the water with your hands.

The Finval 685 Sport Angler is not just about speed and seaworthiness. This is an embodiment of modern design and uniqueness.

03 /Specifications

Overall Length 6.83 m
Beam 2.32 m
Transom Height 635 mm (XL)
Approximate Draft 400 mm
Deadrise at Transom 18°
Weight (boat only) 950 kg
Maximum Weight Capacity 800 kg
Engine 250 - 300 hp
Hull Material AlMg 4,5 Mn (5083)
Aluminium Thickness (bottom/transom/boards) 4 / 4 / 3 mm
Maximum Persons Capacity 3
Fuel Tank 225 l
Livewells (bow / stern) 110 / 130 l
Rod Storage (quantity / length) 8 / 2.8 m; 4 / 2.5 m

04 /Boat configuration

Locker functionality

Storage compartment

Rod lockers

Locker for things, tackles and rods

Bow livewell

Fishing gear storage compartments

Lockable storage compartment

Compartment for electric motor traction batteries*

Aft livewell

Lockable storage compartments

Lockable storage compartment

05 /Equipment

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