420 Rangy Tiller

420 Rangy Tillerneue

Geringer Tiefgang und Wendigkeit


Gesamtlänge 4.2 m
Träger 1.86 m
Personen Kapazität 3
Motor 25 - 40 hp

420 Rangy Tiller

01 /Modellbeschreibung

Premium Finval Rangy 420 is light and very stable on the water and has everything for modern comfortable fishing.
In boat Rangy 420, all the equipment and electronics that can only be imagined in a large boat are easily installed.
The choice of interior and exterior options allows you to use this boat for any conditions and tasks that you face on a daily basis.
The boat is completely devoid of plywood or wood, and the Rangy 420 power pack, usually hidden from the user’s eyes, is designed not for economy, but for durability.
Choose a version with a console or a tiller. And may this boat bring pleasure to you and your family for many years.

03 /Spezifikationen

Gesamtlänge 4.20 m
Gesamtlänge mit Motor 4.72 m
Strahl 1.86 m
Transom-höhe 508 mm (L)
Ungefährer entwurf 150 mm
Totpunkt am heckspiegel 
Gewicht (nur boot) 268 kg
Max. Ladung auf die Builder's Plate 325 kg

*optional features

Motor 25 - 40 hp
Hüllenmaterial AlMg 4,5 Mn (5083)
Aluminiumdicke 2-3 mm
Maximale personenzahl 3
Kraftstofftank 25 l*
Livewell 90 l*
Rutenfach (menge / länge) 4/2.7m

*optional features

04 /Bootskonfiguration

Boat layout


Livewell 90 l (optional, instead storage compartment)

Schließfach zum Traktionsbatterien für einen Elektromotor


Shelves for lures and tools

Storage in the bow deck

Captain’s console (optional)

Aft storage for lures and tools

05 /Ausrüstung

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