475 EVO SC

475 EVO SC

Spacious for fishing, convenient to drive


Gesamtlänge 4.72 m
Träger 2.12 m
Personen Kapazität 4
Motor 60 - 100 hp

475 EVO SC

01 /Modellbeschreibung

Finval 475 Evo SC is created on the basis of a two-console model which is a top seller in many European countries for years. The wide aft deck and spacious cockpit make fishing comfortable even in a large company. Functional and practical driver’s console is decorated with anodized aluminium pads. Most demanding anglers will appreciate the possibility of installing two 12’’ echo sounders. Next to the passenger’s seat, there is a spacious glove box convenient for keeping valuable personal items. It has a separate section with a USB socket to charge a mobile phone.
The boat is well equipped for fishing and will meet the needs of both beginners and experienced anglers.

03 /Spezifikationen

Gesamtlänge 4.72 m
Strahl 2.12 m
Transom-höhe 508 mm (L)
Ungefährer entwurf 330 mm
Totpunkt am heckspiegel 13°
Gewicht (nur boot) 510 kg
Maximale gewichtskapazität 600 kg

* - depends on the bow deck layout

Motor 60 - 100 hp
Hüllenmaterial AlMg 4,5 Mn (5083)
Aluminiumdicke 3 mm
Maximale personenzahl 4
Kraftstofftank 53 L
Livewell 65 / 90 L*
Rutenfach (menge/länge) 2 / 2.9 m; 2 / 2.45 m

* - depends on the bow deck layout

04 /Konfigurationsoptionen

Konfiguration mit erweiterter Heckplattform und Klappsitzen




Hintere Jumpseats

Passenger glove box for small items

Driver’s console

Base for a seat pedestal


05 /Ausrüstung

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